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Beauty Salons Where Foreigners Can Go in Osaka

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing in the world like a sensual massage to calm down your nerves and help you remain rested throughout your day. Japanese beauty salons are considered unparalleled when it comes to beauty treatments and products designed to keep you happy and full of energy, some of these salons offer top-notch treatments in Osaku, so do try to visit at least once, treatments like esthetics, reflexology, shiatsu, foot massage, detox massages are one of a kind here so be safe to know you are in good hands.


1.Esthetic Miss Paris

Esthetic Miss Paris

Esthetic Miss Paris 2

When you enter in Esthetic Miss Paris you will already be aware of its tranquil surrounding which this establishment offers. With the newest modern programs in slimming facial care, anti-aging care, and hair removal be sure it will suit all your cosmetic needs. Also, they have a great online shop on their site which has great offers all around. Once you try it out you are sure to come around as stated by the women representing Japan in 2010 Miss International and Miss World competitors who went to this salon for their competing.


【Basic Information】
Name:Esthetic Miss Paris
Adress: 2-12-4, Sonezaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0057, Japan
Business hour: Mon.-Fri. 11:00~21:00 ,  Sat.,Sun. & Holiday 10:00~19:00
Phone number: (+81)6-6311-2131
Official site:https://www.miss-paris.com/


2.Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic 2

Yuri Takano is the name in the fashion industry which is well known throughout Japan, He is the sole proprietor of Takano Yuri Beuty Clinics across Japan. Her style hand treatment and body care which he personally developed is always first to be applied in his beauty salons before being implemented in other cosmetic establishments.With over 120 shops and average annual sales of 152$ million dollars makes him the top leading salon in Japan. The most famous treatment is the Mirai Facial which is designed to clear pores and lasts for 90 minutes keeping your skin clean and receptive to other skin care treatments.


【Basic Information】
Name:Takano Yuri Beuty Clinics
Address: GP・GATE Bld.6F, 3-7-12, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
Business hour: Mon.-Sat. 10:00~20:00 , Sun. & Holiday 10:00~18:00
Phone number: (+81)29-227-1217
Official website: www.takanoyuri.com/


3.Total Esthetic Salon Galasha




What’s surprisingly interesting about this famous Osaka beauty salon is that they rely solely on natural therapy completely excluding machines from their treatment. By applying strong pressure on the desired places which are usually thighs and calfs you can get promising results within the first treatment with an astonishing 1 cm from your calf and 3 cm of your thighs.Their treatment is amazing and with an included discount which you can use if you claim to have seen their homepage, there is no reason to delay your visit.With multiple awards from the top international agency for beauty standards, Galusha is the place to be.

【Basic Information】
Name:Total Esthetic Salon Galasha
Address:8F, 1-2, Kakudacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0017, Japan
Business hour: Mon.-Fri. 12:00~21:00 ,  Sat. 12:00~21:00
Phone number: (+81)6-6366-5451
Official website:www.galasha.com





Abundantia is considered a paradise for those who want to sign up for the vast array of treatments and various slimming treatments as well. You must reserve by phone or email and remember to apply for a special discount reserved for first timers! Watch as centimeters of your body simply melt away with the Gattsuri size down treatment. Plenty of innovative techniques and possibilities are available for you and they are not too expensive either. Visit their site and catch up on all the newest offers available with those lasting only 10 minutes to a full-blown sticky size down treatment which will have lasting beneficial effect on your entire body


【Basic Information】
Address: 6F, 6-20, Chayamachi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0013, Japan
Business hour: Weekday 12:00~21:00 (Closed Tue.& Second Sunday) ,  Sat. ,Sun.&Holiday 10:00~19:00
Phone number:(+81)6-6377-1180
Official website:http://amitie-salon.jp


Although beauty is subjective and perfection is somewhat unachievable there is no reason why we shouldn’t strive for it. Modern society sometimes can go too far when it comes to beauty standards, but perhaps they only want us to show what is possible with the right state of mind , so there is no reason what so ever why you shouldn’t as a person treat yourself to a treatment in one of these excellent salons or just stop by and have look as we are certain that the hospitality will be more than pleasant providing your with a smile on your out.