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Women’s Japanese Jewelry Brands

In all cultures, jewelry is a status of fashion or wealth, and what brand you choose says a lot about you. At least, according to society. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in Japan, that’s no exception. If you’re traveling to Japan, or are just curious about their culture, you may wonder what brands of jewelry you should look into when you’re trying to dress like the Japanese. Here are some of the best jewelry brands in Japan.


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Pearls are a beloved jewelry for many reasons. They are treasures at the bottom of the ocean, and they’re so perfectly round and shiny. If you like pearls, you cannot go wrong with Mikimoto, which is one of the big names in pearl jewelry.

Mikimoto is named after Mikimoto Kokichi, He was the person who was credit with the creation of the cultured pearl. Before then, natural pearls were difficult to come by, but Kokichi found a way to farm them like you would any other livestock

He first opened his pearl shop in 1899, and in 14 years, it expanded outside of Japan. He promoted his pearls as being the highest quality. Mikimoto had some clever marketing, including destroying low-quality pearls to prove that Mikimoto only provided high-quality pearls.

Nowadays, Mikimoto is the top brand in pearls. Each pearl is high quality and unique, giving their owners a sense of personalization. Your necklace isn’t just a copy of someone else’s, but instead each pearl is crafted for you. If you’re a woman who loves pearls, or you’re just someone looking for some jewelry to get your lover, you really can’t go wrong with Mikimoto. It’s one of the biggest names in pearls for a reason.

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Wako is another Japanese jewelry brand with a  rich history. First established in 1881, it sold watches and jewelry. Nowadays, Wako still sells those, but their department store has so much more If you’re looking for a handbag to carry the jewelry in, Wako has you covered. If you need some new dishware, you can get that from Wako. Wako also sells chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Wako’s store is located in Ginza. It’s a breathtaking site with a clock on top of it. This store has some history as well. It was originally the Hattori Clock Tower, and was eventually demolished. They were originally going to rebuild it, but construction halted due to an earthquake. The clock tower then became the K. Hattori Building, and it was given a clock to honor the original clock tower.

Even if you’re not a jewelry person, the Ginza location is iconic, and it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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Tasaki is another big name in the jewelry business for a good reason. The brand is quite regal, yet it also boasts unique jewelry as well. You can expect your standard jewelry, but also jewelry with unique designs and shapes. It’s not uncommon to see jewelry shaped like a bird’s talon, giving off a feel of power. You can find jewelry shaped like animals to give off a fancy, cutsey vibe. It’s another Ginza location, so check it out.

Tasaki also has its own peal farm, just like Mikimoto. Also, their brand has spread across the world. Former First Lady Michelle Obama is said to be a fan of the jewelry. All around, it seems like Tasaki is simply a good brand to try out.

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Gimel is another brand of jewelry that has cute shapes and designs. Their design is centered around nature, and you can expect jewelry that looks like baby chicks, leaves, flowers, and anything else that comes in nature. Not  only is Gimel a great brand of jewelry, but each piece is personalized. They are made by crafters who work hard to make sure every piece is in its right place.

Nature is such a theme of Gimel that its about page is that of a vivid poem. Here’s a snippet of the poem.

“What have been lost and what will be lost, circle of life. What have been lost and what will be lost, circle of life.
This beautiful and irreplaceable nature expression in jewelry … That is Gimel. This beautiful and irreplaceable nature expressed in jewelry…That is Gimel.”

Quite a poem, right? If you’re into a company that combines nature with flashy jewelry, you really can’t go wrong.

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Uyeda is a company that looks to the future. They want jewelry that people will still love in a century’s time. While fashion sense evolves, there are some clothing articles that are good looking no matter the era, and jewelry is one of them. A diamond ring is still coveted in 100 years, after all.

Their aesthetic is one that fuses Western and Japanese style into something unique. They believe that less is more. Their jewelry doesn’t have cute shapes or any gimmicks, but instead jewelry that gives off the feeling of wealth. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with care so that no piece goes to waste. It’s a company that strives to make the best jewelry while being conscious of the materials they use to make it. If you’re into minimalist jewelry, you should look into Uyeda. You may be glad that you checked it out.

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6.Moku Meganeya

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We shall close this article off by looking at Moku Meganeya, which is a style of Jewelry where layers of gold, each of them different colors, are stacked, shaved down, and given a pattern that almost looks wooden.  The technique is quite old, going back to the 1600s at least, but it is effective and impressive to this day.

With Moku Meganeya jewelry, it’s all customizable. You can have your name, or the name of your lover, inscribed. You can inscribe cute pictures hidden in the rings. The choices you make are up to you, and the choices are pretty much limitless. There are other types of jewelry you can get besides rings, include pins, neckties, and so much more.

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In conclusion, Japan is a country with plenty of jewelry to choose from. Just like any other country, they have their own brands with their own unique spins on things. As a woman, you probably like a little variety. Sometimes, you want jewelry that’s formal. Other times, cute jewelry that’s shaped like animals or nature is what you’re craving. Regardless of what you desire, Japan has it, and you’ll be in for a treat if you visit the country. These brands are usually available internationally as well, so try them out.