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Women’s Top 5 Japanese Bag Brands for 2018

Fashion trends usually change over periods of time. The dynamic and continuous adaptation of new apparel or bags has brought about new styles which have been used by the majority. There is something about the feel and the impact of the color and design to users, hence they use such products. And without even knowing it, everyone starts to follow these fashion trends.

Due to these dynamic change in styles, fashion brands need to adapt to these changes. This is the reason why they release new products every year. Japanese bag brands, in particular, release their take on what is in. You are ensured that these bags are of high quality because the Japanese people treat their bags with care.

In order to give you a headstart on what is in on Japan today, we have listed five of the best Japanese bag brands for women for 2018. These bag brands will surely captivate you with their fashion statements and products.

1. TSUCHIYA kaban

TSUCHIYA kaban1tsuchiya_kaban

TSUCHIYA kaban2tsuchiya_kaban

The first bag brand on our list is the Tsuchiya kaban. Since its inception in 1965, this bag brand has been known to produce robust, comfortable, and appealing bags – many of which are designed for women – that would surely stand the test of time. Tsuchiya kaban chooses only the best and high-quality leather materials that would ensure durability and timelessness. They are able to convey the goodness of the leather material because their products are proudly made by hand.

Tsuchiya kaban only began manufacturing traditional backpacks for children called randoseru bags. Since then, they have steadily become one of the top producing bag brands for women. When you visit their store, you could see various bag designs which are lined up on the shelves. If you like, you could have a look at how the randoseru bags are manufactured since the workshop of Tsuchiya kaban is also located at the same venue as the branch itself.

【Basic information】
Address: 7-15-5, Nishi-arai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: 10:00 am 〜 6:00 pm
Phone number:+81 3 5647 5124
Official website: https://www.tsuchiya-kaban.jp/
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2. Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa


Samantha Thavasa2


Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese bag and fashion brand which was founded by Kazumasa Terada in 1994. Primarily, it manufactures handbags which are popular among women in their twenties. Based on the concept of overflowing aura of happiness, Samantha Thavasa is noted for its rich style and glamor while being trendy to catch on what is hot in today’s market. Customers are ensured that they will be choosing from a wide range of casual yet elegant bags for their everyday needs. In addition to this, an array of colors such as vivid hues, pastels, and monotones are also offered, giving customers the liberty to choose the bag based on their preference.

The name of the company was derived from the characters Samantha and Tabitha Stephens from the hit American sitcom series entitled, “Bewitched.” At present, the brand has more than 130 retail stores across Japan. In 2006, it opened its first store in the United States.

【Basic information】
Name: Samantha Thavasa
Address: 6-5-6, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: 11:00am ~ 9:00 pm
Phone number: +81 3 3400 2258
Official website: http://www.samantha.co.jp/index.php?nomovie
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3. Kitamura





The Kitamura is another excellent bag brand for women. It was established in 1882 in Motomachi which is situated in Yokohama, Japan where its main branch still stands up to this day. Kitamura offers a variety of items including apparel, accessories, shoes, and most especially, bags. Their mantra in manufacturing bags include kindness, loveliness, and cultivation. Hence, they provide only the best designs as they are hung up with colors and fodders, among others.

Speaking of colors, Kitamura would allow their customers to pick a color of their choice for their bag, thereby making them produce a distinct product which they could personally use. They also offer cleaning and repairs for the bags which may have had early defects.

Kitamura wants to make their customers happy. This positive energy drives them to create high-quality bags while providing services with excellent hospitality in order to satisfy their long-term customers.

【Basic information】
Name: Kitamura
Address: 1F Mitsukoshi Ginza, 4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: 10:30 am ~ 8:00 pm
Phone number: +81 3 3535 1765
Official website: http://www.motomachi-kitamura.com/
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Sazaby is also a good choice should you wish to avail of the best Japanese bag brands. Since its establishment in 1972, this bag brand has been developing and manufacturing bags which are noted for their distinct craftsmanship. It is worth noting that their bags would reflect the moods, emotions, and the sensitivities of the times. Because of being able to follow the current trends, Sazaby has had produced countless products which are distinct and are of high quality.

Carrying a Sazaby bag would undoubtedly give you the style you wish to have. The emotions and the anecdotes which are woven into the bags would turn a page in your hearts. Their bags have an ideal style which would suit any woman using it, hence creating a more attractive version of you without losing any sign of who you really are as a person.

【Basic information】
Address: 3F Tokyo Daimaru, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: Monday~Wednesday&Saturday~Sunday&Holiday 10:00~20:00/Thursday~Friday 10:00~21:00
Phone number: +81 3 3213 5637
Official website: http://sazaby.net/
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5. Yoshida kaban

Yoshida kaban

yoshidakaban.officialYoshida kaban2yoshidakaban.official

Yoshida kaban is a Japanese bag brand with a rich history and even a richer line of products. It takes its roots from the creative hands of craftsman Kichizo Yoshida who, in in 1935, established Yoshida Kaban in Kandasuda-cho Tokyo. Since then, this bag brand has become well-known around Japan for its quality products which are proudly Japan-made.

The craftsmanship of Yoshida kaban is said to be nurturing the heart and soul into every stitch. Since all of its bags are handmade by passionate craftsmen, they ensure that its products are made with quality: from the sewing of the leather to the weaving of the label.

At present, Porter is the flagship shop of Yoshida kaban. While the shop name has been renamed to Porter, it will still continue to represent the stunning work of Yoshida, Porter, and the Luggage Label.

【Basic information】
Name: Yoshida kaban
Address: 5-6-8 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: 12:00 am ~ 8:00 pm
Phone number: +81 3 5464 1766
Official website: https://www.yoshidakaban.com/index.html
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It is worth noting that these Japanese bag brands are trendy and fashionable, making them an excellent choice for everyday use or for events. As a matter of fact, these bags could also serve as souvenirs for your mothers or your sisters. The next time that you are in Japan, be able to visit these bag brands and enjoy the best bags for this year.