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Winter in Japan – The Temperature and What to Wear

If you have planned a trip to Japan during its winter season, better be prepared. While tourist destinations and various festivals during the season are aplenty, the weather is something to take note of. Japan is at its coldest during the months of January, February, and March. The coldest month, according to many locals, is during January. Hence, it is only wise to be a prepared tourist. On this article, we are going to identify the temperature during the winter in Japan. We are also going to recommend clothes to wear when visiting the country during the cold season.

Since there are different regions in the country, it is only wise to determine the temperature of each of these areas separately.



Hokkaido University in Winter





In the region of Hokkaido, the temperature could reach as low as -8°C and it could be as high as 0°C. Hokkaido has a very cold winter, so you better come prepared. Moreover, since the region has long winters, it is essential to bundle up when visiting there.

When you are in Hokkaido, you might want to wear a pair of non-slip boots. Make sure that you have thermal socks and wear layers of shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Nylons and jeans will keep your legs warm.








In Tohoku, the average low temperature is -5°C while the average high temperature is 2°C. While it is not as cold as the former region, it is worth noting that the temperatures are still quite low.

Coats, gloves, and thick socks are recommended when you are in Tohoku.









In the Kanto region, the temperature becomes warmer during the months of January and February, with an average low temperature of 2°C. Compared to Hokkaido, the average high and low temperatures in Kanto are quite higher.

Since Kanto is not as cold as Hokkaido, wearing layers may not be needed anymore. To keep yourself warm from the temperature, a thick coat and a good pair of boots is enough.









In the region of Kansai, the average low temperature is 2°C. Its average high temperature, on the other hand, is 10°C. More or less, the average temperature of Kansai is the same with that of the Kanto region.

When visiting Kansai, you could also wear a thick coat and a pair of boots since the temperature is just as warm as Kanto.






Okinawa is the warmest of the regions during the winter season, yet it is worth noting that their average temperatures are still cold. The average low temperature of Okinawa is 13°C while the average high is 18°C. Okinawa has generally short winters.

You could wear something to wear your neck and face to keep yourself warm. A sweater or a pair of long sleeves could cover your skin from the temperature.






The region of Kyushu is half a degree warmer than that of Kanto. It has an average low temperature of 3°C. On the other hand, it has an average high temperature of 8°C.

When you are in Kyushu, a thick jacket would already suffice. You could also keep yourself warm by wearing socks and dry boots.

Japan has a lot of exciting attractions and festivals during the winter season. But don’t be fazed by the cold temperature. As long as you come prepared, you will surely enjoy your trip around the country.