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Ultimate Guide to Shibuya 109 MENS Fashion

Looking for super oshare (stylish) tokyo fashion for men? Shibuya 109 is the place you should go. Locally known as Ichimarukyu, a name derived from saying one, zero and nine in Japanese, this department mall features plenty of clothes for women; however, there is a MENS wing featuring the latest styles in Japanese fashion for men. Whether you’re looking to bump up your wardrobe with the latest trends that the world has yet to catch up on, or simply just looking for a new belt or pair of shoes, you can find what you need in these six Shibuya 109 MENS stores.





VANQUISH is a great brand that always keeps masculinity in mind and has featured collaborations with well-known brands such as Puma, Converse, and NIKE. VANQUISH, located on the 3rd floor, sells shirts, belts, bomber jackets, graphic and checked T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses, rings and more. The wide selection of items is a great way to introduce yourself or a friend into Japanese fashion for men. The brand is also simple, but stylish and easy to fit into your wardrobe. As with virtually everything in Ichimarukyu, the prices at VANQUISH run from mid-range to high-range, but the uniqueness of Japanese fashion for men is surely worth it.


2. Jury Black



If Visual Kei styles interest you or if you like a little bit of punk or black, white, and red in your wardrobe, Jury Black is a store you may find to be of interest. Jury Black, located on the 6th floor, is a new addition to the 109 MENS team and is a favorite of young men who are looking to express themselves and their personal identity. You can purchase items such as the popular crew cut neckline styled shirts, men’s cardigans, various kinds of T-shirts, Jackets, tanks, jeans, knits, jewelry and more. This store is perfect for adding a J-Rock edge to your style.






Real eyes realize that REALIZE is a great store for the casual but stylish type of guy. REALIZE, located on the 5th floor, has a similar vibe to American Eagle Outfitters and that’s not just because of their American flag printed bags. This brand features a lot of jean and jackets styled with a fur collar, T-shirts with wide stripes or tie-dye and handbags. REALIZE has an open, free, Cali kind of feeling and perhaps it is Japan’s take on America fashion. If you want to bump up your wardrobe with something familiar but with a Japanese twist, REALIZE is a store you should check out.


4. Blue Tornado



Blue Tornado, located on the 4th floor, is a great store for a casual, somewhat preppy boy’s style. The store allows customers to coordinate their own ideas of what it is to be fashionable and it features the seasonal, in-style colors, patterns, and styles of shirts, jackets, shoes, and accessories. Shoppers can buy hats, bags, hoodies, wallets, and jeans as well. Blue Tornado is a great place to build a boyish and stylish wardrobe. Older men can also enjoy this store as it features many neutral colors and mature simple styles as well.


5. The Suit Company




What is a wardrobe without a nice suit or two? You can’t exactly call it stylish, can you? If you are looking to gain the ultimate wardrobe that is well-rounded in style, picking up a cleanly styled suit for work or a special occasion at The Suit Company is the way to do it. The Suit Company, located on the basment floor, is strictly for handling business style. The Suit Company sells printed blazers, plain blazers, pinstriped suits, plain ties, patterned ties, dress pants, shoes, scarves and accessories to spruce up the business side of your wardrobe.


6. bref




The store titled bref is another great stop for business and suit attire. bref, located on the 5th floor, sells blazers, vests, shirts, and pants that stop at the ankle (a signature look for Japanese fashion). It is great for achieving business, business casual, or a casual business look with Japanese styled suits. bref also sells handbags and watches to go along with the look. The atmosphere is like a tailor’s shop with fabric and buttons on display. The suits and accessories are perfect for a customizable sleek and modern look to suit your individual style.

These are just some of the many stores located in Shibuya 109 MENS shopping mall, so when visiting, feel free to browse others along with the stores listed. Whether his style is conservative, edgy, business, or simple, there is something super oshare for every guy. The only disclaimer, with Japanese styles, comes Japanese sizes. For some, it is a bit difficult to shop for this reason, especially with shoes and pants, but for others, it’s a place to gain styles that the rest of the world hasn’t yet caught on to and a nice place to find inspiration for your next wardrobe venture.


【Basic information】
Name: Shibuya 109 MENS
Address: 1-23-10 Kaminami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: 10 am (10:00) to 9:00 pm (21:00)
Phone number: +81 3-3477-8111
Official website: https://www.shibuya109.jp/wovn/en_index.html