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Recommended Stores You Can Enjoy Worldwide Fashion in Tokyo

Tokyo is an area that’s filled with not just local fashions, but international ones as well. Worldwide fashion is prolific here, and there are many to choose from. Here are some great fashion stores to check out that contain products from all over the world, but also include a local touch to them as well, making them both a mix of the local culture, and also the familiar worldwide beauty culture that we know as well.


1. Cibone


Cibone is a store that was relaunched under a theme entitled “New Antiques, New Classics” and it does have many different antiques both old and new. It’s not just fashion however, but it also includes essentials, art, and even beauty products from all over, and it involves many of the top fashions around. But that’s not all, the store also has exhibitions and various pop-up boutiques as well that come in, allowing both local designers and designers that are known to come in and showcase their products. It’s a mix of both new and innovative fashion, and classic designs.


【住所】東京都港区南青山2-27-25ヒューリック南青山ビル 2F


2. Supreme Shibuya

Supreme Shibuya is not just a cool place to find local fashion, but it’s actually one of the best places to find skate fashion and other brands. It’s the perfect urban fashion location, and it definitely is at the forefront of the competition especially in this urban jungle. They have some pretty interesting goods to choose from, including local art too. You can see an impressive Sphinx sculpture right at the very center of this, making it a favorited place for both locals to check out, and for travelers alike.


Supreme Shibuya
【住所】東京都渋谷区 神南1-18-2 1F


3. Candy


Candy is probably one of the best to find both international styles, and also edgy fashions to choose from. It is where many of the edgiest fashionistas converge, and it’s something that both people who are fans of worldwide fashion and those that are into local shopping should check out. It also has used clothing and other labels that look both 80’s in nature and style. It comes as well with a wide variety of local brands that one can choose from, and it’ll allow those that are interested in vibrant styles and classic colors to really indulge in.


【営業時間】12:00 – 21:00


4. Ginza Six

Ginza Six

Ginza Six is one of the largest commercial places in Ginza. Of course, this large structure is definitely one that contains one of the largest department stores in the world as well. The concept of this is not just innovative styles, but also “world class” styles as well. It’s an upscale version of everything, and one can get some international brands including Dior, Celine, and Fendi, and you can even get some classic inclusions as well, such as Tsutaya books. This is perfect for those looking to check out worldwide fashions, and it’s one of the best places in Ginza for one to check out if they’re looking to markedly upgrade their wardrobe.


Ginza six
【営業時間】ショップ 10:30 – 20:30、カフェ・レストラン 11:00 – 23:30 (一部店舗による異なる)


5. Kikatore

Kikatore is another great place to get designer labels with a Japanese flair to it. it’s a mini mall that’s become worldwide and legendary, especially for those that want something natural, but also DIY as well. It contains brands including Garter, Southpole, and even Garter. These are owned by young people that create both one-off pieces and also provide the latest brands as well. It’s a place that combines the typical fashions that one might see in a mall, along with some various new and innovative styles that even Gucci’s Frida Gianni approve of.


6. The Contemporary Fix

The Contemporary Fix

The Contemporary Fix is a store that allows both designers popular and not so popular to come in and do unique events. It contains labels that are somewhat popular, but even some unfamiliar labels that are often not seen anywhere else. A ramen stand recently opened here, along with a store called Phenomenon that was so popular it ended up there after it achieved great success. It has an interesting restaurant and toys along with vintage posters that line all of the walls, and also a beautiful staircase to lead one to the goods. It’s quite a beautiful and very hypnotizing place.






Biotop is another place, and their goal is to create a space to shop and also create a natural ecosystem. It is a place for anyone that needs their fashion, food, and even lifestyle needs taken care of, and it includes a natural cosmetics line, and even a plant nursery. This is great for those looking to get some emerging and somewhat popular familiar brands such as Carven and Hyke. For those that want a more natural sort of place to shop, and a place that will allow one to get natural yet popular brands, then this is the place. It is a very pretty place as well, and it even contains a rustic café upstairs to sit and take the load off.




8. C.E.


Finally, there is C.E. which just recently opened. It is a storehouse that contains both the latest creations, and even limited-edition products that sell out a lot. It’s a beautiful place with lots of textures and floors with broken mirrors, and one can even see some original video content. It’s achieved a cult following around the world as well, and while it’s a newer place, it still has a contemporary vibe, and a sense of individuality that’s quite popular with many people. It definitely is a sense of street fashion that is worth checking out, along with some killer designer labels too.


In Tokyo, there are a lot of places where one can get some great street fashions. This article talked about some of the cool places to go, and one can check this out in a quick fashion, and it definitely is something for anyone who is working to improve and upgrade their wardrobe. It’s fun, and japan has some of the best fashions out there, so if one is looking for designer wear that can work with any outfit, check out these awesome stores, and see what they have to offer, and if it works into the wardrobe and style of one’s choice.