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MUJI Women’s Top 8 Popular Items

We all like quality rather than quantity right? Well, that’s exactly what MUJI in Japanese, translated as ‘no-brand quality goods’ does. It’s not about the labels or these so called ‘fashion statements’, it’s about the quality of what you’re wearing and buying. Originally founded in 1980, this amazing store has gone crazy in Japan and now, it’s catching on all over the world. People are wanting more of these top items at top quality prices! With it’s three top principles of simple packaging, efficient processing and a variety of materials, this store is at the top of it’s game and women just can’t get enough! So what are they? Feast your eyes on these beauties!




MUJI isn’t just keen on making it’s people happy but also the environment as well! With their blouses being made out of organic cotton that comes from healthy fields free from gruesome pesticides and fertilisers, it feels luxurious to put on. These blouses are comfortable on your skin and feel soft to touch. These are just a few of the varieties that you can purchase from the fantastic MUJI store.

2.One piece dress



When the day seems a little too hard and all you want to do is get dressed quickly, scrape your hair up but still look fresh and a little bohemian, well the one piece dress is for you.

MUJI has based this wonderful idea on the concept of recycling. The POOL one piece dress in particular is really quite special as it works with several materials including wood, cloth and other products that cannot be sold directly. MUJI then works alongside other creatives to make new products like these wonderful dresses. At present, they are only available in America, Japan and Hong Kong. Akira Minagawa is the amazing designer behind this creation and also the unique project “IROIRO NO FUKU” which is a simple idea based around body shape. It’s great, embraces our bodies and takes us for what we are! Finally someone that gets us women and what we want! There’s also lots of others to look at in a variety of designs and styles!




Denim is everyone’s saviour! You can wear it with everything and it blends in with whatever outfit you want, MUJI have even stretched to the more quirky items to keep you comfy in your own home! Get a nice pair of jeans on with a baggy jumper for a casual look or why not go for a pair of denim slippers to keep those feet well soothed! Either way MUJI have this covered and women all around the world are loving their range!

4. Sweater



Practical and perfect. MUJI’s range of sweaters will leave you in the store or looking online doing your little children’s rhyme’s of ‘ip dip doo’ trying to decide which one to choose as there really are just so many that you’ll want. A range of colours, organic materials and a variety of wools and linens that you’ll want to snuggle right up to. These sweaters are to die for.




If you live in the city, then you’ll know how bad traffic can be and just how much more simple getting on a bike can be. It’s can sometimes seem like the best option when commuting to work, rather than getting on a sticky tube or subway right? But what do you wear and how on earth do you feel comfy? Panic not – MUJI have your back! With their WALKER Active Wear range, you’ll be fit to get on your bike and feel like going for a run after a long day in no time. It’s breathable, light, and stretchy. MUJI have even thought ahead and got in there early with a sweat absorbency function and quick drying materials. They are on it! The range includes t-shirts, socks, trainers and shorts. You’ll be short of nothing! The range is only available in Japan right now but lets hope it becomes available to all of us soon.



MUJI have made sure that you’re comfort is thought of right down to your undergarments. Even their pants are made with extra love and attention. Their special creatives have found methods such as tubular knitting to eliminate those nasty side seams and keep that nasty VPL (visible panty line) banished as much as they can. These materials are kind to our precious parts and we can ensure that we feel the best we can right from our head to our toes!

7. Socks



Socks keep our feet warm and make sure our shoes don’t rub right? Wrong! MUJI have created a new sock that will make you love your feet even more and really think about how you look after those little toes. Creatives have designed a special pattern that not thinks about the angle of the foot but also the comfort you deserve. One hundred and twenty degree angle socks are now a thing of the past. MUJI have had to reinvent their whole knitting process to make them sit at the new, wait for it ninety degree angle! Check these pearlers out, they’re great!

8. Stole



Sometimes when there’s a chill in the air or you’re just wanting that extra bit of TLC, you just need something close to cuddle up to. If you’re partner isn’t there or it’s a working day then you might feel like you’re a little bit at a loss but don’t worry, as always MUJI are here to save the day. Their range of stoles are beautiful and made from a luxurious range of wool, silk and crafted into a beautiful cape shape making it harder for that cheeky garment to fall off those shoulders.

So now that you’ve seen MUJI’s brilliant range, I bet you’re waiting for that next pay day right? Make sure that you keep some of that well earned pay cheque aside to treat yourself as you deserve it as much as the rest. Remember, MUJI not only looks after the environment with its organic and top quality materials but it also makes you feel comfortable, cosy and cared for! Go looking online or in their shops because they have so much waiting for you.