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MUJI Men’s Top 5 Popular Items

MUJI is one of the leading brands in the world in everything from stationary to cooking appliances but perhaps most popular is their men’s clothing. Japan, and specifically Tokyo, is now one of the worlds leaders in fashion along with London, New York, Paris and Milan. The forward thinking style of the designers in Japan has people exceedingly excited every year for Tokyo fashion week. And now with mens fashion being as popular as womens we’re going to count down some of the mens top items from the brilliant MUJI which as now established itself firmly in the united states of America and most of mainland Europe as well as its country of origin, Japan.
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Muji History

MUJI make a lot of things but their world wide popularity is primarily down to their fashion. The company was founded in the year nineteen seventy nine and originated with only forty products. Their minimalist fashion stylings are whast set this company apart from its various competitors. They have little to no waste product and have gone from strength to strength and now have tonnes of items readily available on Amazon and Ebay world wide.

In recent years the stylish Japanese designers in Tokyo and the ones in Europe and the United States of America have all had very similar design ideas and have almost amalgamated into one perfect style for mens clothing. So all of the things here should be readily available on ANY of the many official sites that MUJI own and of course the afor mentioned Amazon and Ebay stores.


One of the most popular items is the Washed linen stand collar shirt. This shirt is simple and stylish and would work well as casual attire as well as something a little more formal. This is just one of the types of shirts that MUJI carry in their collection and are available to most people to purchase online or in store. This specific shirt comes in a variety of colours from this soft blue colour to navy blue, brown grey and, the most common, white.

MUJI shirt

MUJI shirt 2

MUJI shirt 3official site


Everyone needs a few good t shirts in their closet for a multitude of reasons. These t shirts are simple white cotton, short sleeved, C neck t shirts. Perfect for any situation as the material allows the shirt to look stylish as well as practical. If you run in the mornings you would like this t shirt as one hundred percent cotton t shirts are easily breathable and compfy. If you need a t shirt for underneath a shirt or stylish jacket (which we will also look at further along in this article) then this is perfect. Plain white t shirts are of course one of the most popular mens clothing items the world over but this t shirt also comes in a multitude of colours including grey, black, dark navy, yellow and saxe blue. They also can come in multiple different striped styles also.

MUJI t-shirt

MUJI t-shirt 2

MUJI t-shirt 3official site


People always seem to forget about socks as both a fashion and comfort item but that is not the case with MUJI. They pay great attention to the look and feel of their socks. This one is simple blue striped shorter sock for wearing with comfortable shoes and shorts. The material is thick knitted but still breathable and would not look un stylish at all. These socks also have an elasticated part going right through the middle of them, this is to stop your socks from falling down into your shoes when you are walking or running and we all know how annoying that can be. And of course we all know, too, that the Japanese have a great tendency to look after their health quite well and with foot baths they do take care of their feet exceptionally well so what better way to treat your feet than with these comfy, breathable yet stylish socks. I know my feet would thank me.



Coats and Jackets

This raw white linen jacket is testament to the MUJI style as it perfectly shows the capability of being both stylish and casual all at the same time. You can chose from four colours with this jacket, one of them of course being raw white, but there are also dark navy, navy and medium grey. As you can see from the images below this jacket offers that perfect style if you want to match it with your formal suit of choice for going to an interview or business meeting or maybe even a date. But, this also isn’t as thick as some suit jackets and can be worn like the model in the photographs as something a little more casual and cool (which is one of the biggest fashion trends of the last few years).

MUJI jacket 1

MUJI jacket 2

MUJI jacket 3official site

Trousers and Shorts

The trouser department in all of MUJI’s official websites (of which there are many) is very good and variable indeed. The trousers shown here are simple yet elegant. They are called the linen easy trouser and come in many colours from this dark navy blue to a lighter navy blue and medium grey. They also come in the off white colour so if you wanted to complete your ensemble you could buy these pants in off white and also the linen jacket and maybe a shirt to complete your perfect look. Don’t forget though, depending on your style you can get away with being either formal or casual with these clothes. They are the perfect clothing for a man that needs something to do both things. Especially in Tokyo where this company was founded where many people who live in the hustle and bustle of the city have limited closet space to fill with lots and lots of different clothing items.



MUJI pants 3official site


So, there you have it, some of the top clothing items for men from the one and only MUJI. Whether you are looking for something casual or something a little more stylish you will not be dissappointed by this brand. And don’t forget that wherever you are in the world you will almost certainly be able to purchase some of their products most of which is online based via their websites or Amazon and Ebay. That is of course with exceptions in the USA and UK where there are actual physical stores for you to browse. And also the next time you are visiting Japan don’t forget to stop by MUJI and pick up some stylish items for any occasion and definitely do not forget to check out the thrift stores (especially in Tokyo) where you never know you may find some MUJI clothes in amazing condition.