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Men’s Top 5 Japanese Bag Brands for 2018

Sometimes, you find yourself looking through a catalog of bag brands in search of an upgrade or a new one to replace our old bags. Upon impulse, you might purchase a bag due to the features it offers. There is a cunning feeling you have, should you buy a new bag. When you are in Japan, it is a known fact that bags are treated with utmost care and consideration. Because of this, a lot of trendy bag brands pop up here and there.

Because of the rapid changes in the society in terms of style, bag brands need to adapt to these fashion statement of people. Because of this, bag brands release new sets of designs each year. It should be noted, however, that while there a new bags being produced, utmost care is still given to them.

In order to provide you with a headstart on what is trending in Japan today, we have listed five of the best Japanese bag brands for men for 2018. These bags will definitely enthrall you with their features and the quality they offer.




Our first bag brand suited for men on our list is the Coco Meister, stylized as Cocomeister. This is a high-end leather brand produced in Japan that protects the culture of the Japanese while reviving the good old legends of the world even up to the present era. Coco Meister provides its customers with a distinct experience. Using high-quality natural leather, the brand aims to design products for men with a wonderful texture and fragrance.

Coco Meister manufactures bags and wallets based on the concept of “heartwarming leather products created by Japanese craftsmen.” This is due to the fact that they carefully select materials and produce these products for a lifetime use. Because of this, you are ensured that their bags are robust and durable. They could serve well for everyday use. They could also work well as gifts for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations.

【Basic information】
Address: 1F Kobe old former settlement 25th building, Kyomachi 25, Chuo-ku, Kobe-City, Hyogo, Japan
Business hour: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Phone number: +81 78 333 5181
Official website: https://cocomeister.jp/store/f_shop/shop.aspx?store_id=5
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2. aniary



Aniary is a famous brand in Japan which develops bag products using supply, light, and colorful leather. Its craftsmen manufacture products with a functional and plain design, allowing you to use it well while showing off its design to the world. With a philosophy of ideal and reality, aniary has always been willing to pursue ideals as they propose products that that are conscious of reality.

This bag brand products various products which could be used by men. However, some of the products could also be used by women. These would include backpacks, shoulder bags, body bags, briefcases, tote bags, and messenger bags, among others. As of 2018, their freshest designs are manufactured using three colors: wine, steel back, and dark brown. With a bag from aniary, you are ensured of a quality bag that you could use every single day.

【Basic information】
Name: aniary
Address: 5-46-12, Jingu-mae, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hour: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Phone number: +81 3  6805 0785
Official website: http://www.aniary.com/
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Hergopoch is another popular bag brand in Japan which manufactures bags which are sophisticated and stunning in design yet they have a very functional nature. Launched in 2005, this brand aims to reaffirm the essence of a bag while making full use of its tradition. It was built upon the principle that bags provide users with pleasure. Additionally, they are designed as a part of the lifestyle of customers.

In order to harmonize with various attire, these bags have been designed with high-quality loving materials. They have been made with technical power and flexible thinking by highly conscious Japanese craftsmen.

The products manufactured by Hergoproch include briefcase, tote bag, shoulder bag, and clutch bag, among others. They also sell small leather goods such as coin cases, key cases, two-fold wallet, business card holder, and long wallet.

【Basic information】
Address: 5F GINZA SIX, 6-10-1, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hour: 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Phone number: +81 3 6280 6055
Official website: https://www.hergopoch.com/




Bags are durable tough stuff tools which are easy to hold, easy to use, and highly functional. These are the major features which are embedded in every Herz bag. Since 1973, this bag brand has been manufacturing high-quality handmade bags that are skillfully designed to be durable and long-lasting. These bags are made with free thought and not bound by the usual, making them unique and distinctive from the rest.

Their bags use special environmentally friendly leather which has been tanned with vegetable-derived tannins, making their products not only functional for humans but safe for nature as well. The leather is of Italian nature.

Herz produces various bags designed for men. These would include shoulder bags, classic bags, business bags, rucksacks, camera bags, and body bags. It is worth noting that there are also bags made for women. These would include tote bags, ladies’ bags, and pouch bags.

【Basic information】
Name: HERZ
Address: 5-46-16 Jingu-mae, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hour: 12:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Phone number: +81 3 3406 1471
Official website: https://www.herz-bag.jp/
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5. Mansou



When picking the best bag brands for men, Mansou would also be an exceptional choice. They manufacture bags using generous leathers which have been derived from selected countries around the world. The manufacturers spare effort in order to provide leather products with quality and common sense price. Mansou offers bags which are creative and universal in the spirit of Japanese manufacturing. You are ensured, then, that the bags have a robust stitch, parts which have been carefully selected, and covered with treatment in order to spare trouble.

Although it is a narrow store, Mansou hosts a ton of bag brands. Their products range from tote bags to business bags. They also offer other leather products such as wallets, belts, and pouch bags. The design of the bags are trendy in nature, so you could flaunt it on the streets.

【Basic information】
Address: 6-4-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hour: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Phone number: +81 3 3832 6461
Official website: https://www.mansaw.net/

The different Japanese bag brands for men which were mentioned above will surely provide you with a fashionable and trendy product that you could use when going to gatherings, work, or events. You could even use some of them for everyday use. As a matter of fact, these bags could also serve as gifts or souvenirs for your male colleagues and family members. So the next time you visit Japan, be sure to grab one of these bag brands and enjoy them for the rest of the year.