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Recommended Japanese Watch Brands

To many, Japan is the haven of all things techy. From cars to laptops, the country has got you covered with their state of the art technology. Unknown to others. However, Japan is also one of the places where the best watches are manufactured. As a matter of fact, many of our watches may have been manufactured by these four gargantuan brands.

Because of their quality and aesthetics, Japanese watches have been the most sought-after brands in the world. To give you a heads up with regards to such gadget, we have listed four of the best watch brands in Japan.

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From official HP

The Seiko brand is probably one of the most popular watch brands in the worlds. This is due to the fact that such company produces innovative and striking products which look timeless. Yet not everyone knows that such brand is an original Japanese product.

Seiko started out as a jewelry shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo in 1881. Primarily, the company branded itself as “Seikosha,” a Japanese word which roughly translates to, “house of exquisite workmanship.” Eventually, the abbreviation Seiko was adapted in 1924.

This company was the first brand to have ever produced a watch that can transfer kinetic energy into electric energy. Ever since, Seiko has become a leader in transforming the watch industry, introducing watches that are not only efficient but also innovative and eye-catching. Seiko watches are also known for its accurate mechanical timepieces and their quality polishing method.

Some of the accomplishments of Seiko include producing Japan’s first diver’s watch and the 1969 Astron model, the first commercially available quartz watch in the world.

Official Website: http://www.seikowatches.com/



Orient Watch1

Orient Watch1

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Orient is also one of the best Japanese watch brands in the market due to its sheer elegance and features. A subsidiary of Seiko Group, Orient rose to be one of the four largest watch companies in Japan. Established in 1901, it is regarded as one of the oldest watch brands in the country. Due to the economic crisis during that time, the company almost collapsed. It was not until the 1950s when the brand has seen a resurgence.

This watch brand focuses itself in making mechanical watches instead of the quartz or solar ones. However, they occasionally incorporate the latter in their concepts. The brand’s watches comprises of timepieces which are variations on its traditional and classic designs.

Some of the accomplishments of Orient include designing the first LED watch and the first water resistant watch. Orient has also helped in designing some features of the modern watch.

Orient has an elegant design which gives you a retro vibe. Its diving models, on the other hand, deliver a distinct and striking take on Orient’s timeless style.

Official Website: https://www.orient-watch.com/



Casio Watch1

Casio Watch2


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People may associate Casio with their calculator products which are predominantly used in schools and offices. However, Casio is more than just calculators. Casio is a large brand that has been manufacturing gadgets such as watches since 1946. The staff and crew of the factories that produce Casio products are taught the significance of “monozukuri,” a Japanese word which means craftsmanship and spirit. This means that the personnel at Casio are skilled craftsmen who put their essence to the watches they are doing, even though modernization has taken place within the company.

The most popular Casio watch is probably the G-shock, a specialized watch with strong shock resistance, efficient water resistance, and long battery life. G-shock is one of the most fruitful products of Casio because it has seen a wide commercial success.

Other Casio products include digital watches with built-in games, a praying compass which helps Muslims pray at the right direction, and a hybrid time-keeping system which uses Global Positioning System and the company’s multi-band technology.

Official Website: https://www.casio.com/



Citizen Watch1

Citizen Watch2

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Citizen is a watch brand noted for being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Since its establishment in 1930, Citizen has rolled out some of the best watches ever used. The watches come in a wide range of prices, allowing users to choose their best option at their most affordable price.

This watch brand uses solar power energy instead of batteries. They have designed watches that would still look elegant despite its solar power feature. It is worth noting that Citizen is able to achieve such design while being energy efficient. Other brands who use solar power, unfortunately, fail in this category.

Citizen watches offer distinct features that may not be found in other watches. The first element is the atomic timekeeping. This allows users to sync the clocks in various places depending on the signal strength. With just a touch of a button, you could sync the time accurately. The second unique feature is that batteries may actually charge based on the skin temperature of the user.

Official Website: http://www.citizenwatch-global.com/


The Japanese continue to produce the best watches which we utilize. It is worth noting that buying these watch brands will not only guarantee you quality but will also ensure you that these will last the test of time.