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Top 7 Japanese Fashion Magazines

Magazines have been our gateway to the fashion world for many years. Even in the age of the Internet, there’s just something about finding a magazine at a grocery store, opening it up, and seeing what the current fashion trends are.
Japan is no different. They have tons of magazines available that showcase the latest fashion trends, whether you’re a man, a woman, or someone who bends the rules of what gender is. If you’re in Japan, or are ordering internationally, here are the best magazines you can check out.

1.Men’s Non-No


This is a long-running magazine, and one of the most popular male fashion magazines out there. It targets mostly young men in their 20s. It has quite a selection of menswear that’s trending right now. It doesn’t focus on just one style, but also goes for formal, street, and everything in-between. They sometimes include memorabilia in the magazine too. Whether you’re a man, or just someone who likes to dress masculine, pick it up today. It’s monthly and goes for about 760 yen, or about $6 USD.

There’s also a female version of this magazine that’s just called Non-No.


GRIND is a magazine for the street people in mind. It has rugged styles, but also some more refined styles as well. The magazine appears monthly, with interesting coverage on fashion trends, accessories, and other objects too. If you like to be cool, you need to get in the GRIND. The price is about the same as Men’s Non-No.

Current cover of GRIND

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So what does this magazine sell? Sailor outfits? Fried chicken? Nope. POPEYE is a magazine for the young urban man. Think of it as the magazine for the young hipster kid in mind. For over four decades, POPEYE has been the magazine to go if you want to look at vintage clothing. This makes it great for hipsters who love vintage clothes, as well as older people. You can get it for about $6 USD as well.



This another menswear magazine, and covers a balance of fashions, from high, to street. It’s well-written, adding a but of humor, and even has shop listing, car reviews, and interviews with the best fashionable people life has to offer. The magazine is geared towards older men, but men of all ages may be able to find something here. It’s monthly and about $7.



Are you a fan of the skater aesthethic? Look no further than Ollie. Named after the popular skateboarding trick where you and the board leap in the air, Ollie covers everything you’d expect. Fashion, music, current culture, all with a skateboarding twist to it. It’s been a great influence for people to find new bands, enjoy new kinds of style, and just bask in the skating culture. At about $5 a pop, you can’t go wrong, whether you’re a skating teen or an older skater.



go out


All these magazines so far have been centered around the city person. What about magazines for those who like the great outdoors? Japan is quite a beautiful place for outdoors, so GO OUT is there to cover what clothing works best. From outdoor clothing to accessories to help you hike, it includes reviews of everything, beautiful outdoor photography, and pretty much anything else an outdoor enthusiast may like. At $6, it’s a small price to pay to stay fashionable while camping.



shoes master


Shoes play a small part in someone’s wardrobe, but they matter. They’re usually pricey, so finding the right pair that will last you a long time is important. SHOES MASTER is here for you. For almost 15 years, it’s been the guide for fashionable shoes, sneakers, and anything else you can put a foot inside. No matter what your budget is, you’ll find something you want in SHOES MASTER. Seeing how shoes are so important, it’s not a bad magazine to spend some money on.

There are a lot of other magazines that cover fashion in Japan. Just like any other first world country, what you wear can say a lot about you. If you’re in Japan, check out some of their magazines. Regardless of your fashion choice. Learning what certain people like to wear and why is a fun way to pass the time.