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Different Kinds of Japanese Clothes

Japanese fashion is one of the most diverse in the world. While many of the locals hold on to their culture by sporting traditional attires up until now, many of the Japanese are already trying on new and eccentric fashion that are characterized by their ingenuity and striking colors. On this article, we are going to take a look at different clothes which the Japanese often uses.

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Jinbei Set

Jinbei is a type of traditional Japanese clothing which is worn during summer. Traditionally, the garment was used by mean as their nightwear or house wear. The attire comprises a top that is matched with a pair of shorts or pants. The set is usually made from cotton or hemp. The fabric is then dyed with indigo or blue, though modern versions of Jinbei already use various designs.






The kimono is another traditional Japanese clothing which is worn on formal events or festivals. Kimonos have a robe which is wrapped around the body, with the left portion always on top of the right part. When worn, the hem of the kimono falls to the ankles. A sash called obi is tied at the back. The Kimono is often associated with good manners.




A yukata is a casual Japanese attire that is usually made up of cotton or synthetic fabric. Like any other Japanese garments, the yukata is designed with wide sleeves and straight seams. While traditional yukata used cotton with indigo dye, today’s versions vary in colors and designs.




Japanese School Girl Uniforms

The kogal is one of the modern kinds of Japanese clothing that involves school girls wearing attire that is based on a typical uniform. However, unlike usual school uniforms, the skirts of kogal are shorter. Those who want to sport a kogal may also use loose socks and have dyed hair.




Gyaru is a Japanese fashion subculture which varies in styles depending on the choice of style and the gender. It is a modern street fashion characterized by eccentric attires like pink or pastel skirts with lots of laces. Generally, Gyaru follows the trendy fashion styles.




Lolita Style 2

The Lolita style is another contemporary Japanese clothing that is based on the garments worn during the Victorian and Edwardian eras but with a Rococo influence. The attire is characterized by skirts which are supported by petticoats and an imposing feminine style. It is worth noting that modesty should always be practiced when sporting the lolita dress.


The Japanese fashion is very diverse. By carefully observing the different kinds of Japanese clothes, you will discover how their fashion has evolved over the years. It is worth noting that every piece of garment has a story to tell. When you are in Japan, you could show your story by sporting one from the list presented above.