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Classes for Learning to Wear A Kimono in Tokyo

The Japanese kimono is one of the most iconic traditional garments in the world. The word kimono originally meant clothing, and till the mid-19th century, referred to clothing in general. However, post the Meiji era, the meaning has evolved, and today it generally refers to traditional Japanese clothing worn for formal occasions or important festivals. A kimono is a thing of beauty, and is extremely elegant and graceful. However, as amazing as it looks, it is not an easy task to wear a kimono, and many schools or classes teach foreigners, as well as young Japanese women, how to wear the kimono on their own. Often these classes run into one or two month courses, depending on the student, and how elaborate the kimono is. Here are a few places in Tokyo, where you can undergo a proper course in wearing a kimono in the right manner.


1.Inspire Space Hiroo


Inspire Space Hiroo teaches men and women how to dress up in different styles of traditional Japanese kimonos. They do individual as well as group sessions, which allows the students to learn how to dress each other, giving them a much better understanding of how to wear a kimono. For absolute beginners, including foreigners who have never worn a kimono before, they offer an introductory session of 2 hours at ¥7,000. For beginners who want to learn slightly more complicated methods, they also do a short basic course of 6 sessions, which can cost upto ¥39,000. They even train people who want to become a professional kimono dresser, so if you are in Japan, and are looking for a job change, you may want to look them up 🙂


【Basic Information】
Name : Inspire Space Hiroo
Address : 5-3-7, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
Business hour: 10:00~22:00
Phone Number : (+81)3-6450-4736
Website : http://www.ishiroo.com


2.HiSUI Tokyo


The team at HiSUi Tokyo believes that learning to wear a kimono gives visitors to Japan a unique perspective into the Japanese culture. They also encourage students who are interested in their Waso (Kimono dressing) courses to also actively participate in several traditional activities such as the tea ceremony while wearing one. They offer entry-level courses – Tehodoki – in which they introduce students to wearing a “Komon” Kimono and a “Nagoya-Obi” waistband, over 10 sessions. They also have more complicated courses that take 18 sessions or even 22 sessions to complete. Most people are scared to wear Kimonos as they are notoriously difficult to wear. But, the team at HiSUi Tokyo are known to ease the fear that people have about kimonos, and make the Kimono wearing experience an enjoyable one.


HiSUI Tokyo

Basic Information】
Name : HiSUi Tokyo
Address : Koizumi Building 5F, Ginza 4-3-13, Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Business hour: Weekday 17:30~20:30 (except Wed.), Sat.&Sun. 11:30~20:30
Phone Number :
(+81)120-666-107 (Toll-free)
Website : http://en.hisui-tokyo.com/waso
Instagram /Facebook/Twitter


3.Tokyo Kimono Lovers Club 


There are several individuals who help people in the art of dressing themselves up in a kimono, as well. Shino is one such person who conducts classes in her apartment in Tokyo Meguro. Her sessions last for two hours, and are generally held on Mondays. For a private session, she charges around ¥3,000, and approximately ¥2,000 for a group of upto 6 people. Shino can also rents out her own Kimono sets for an additional charge, or can even recommend places where visitors can pick up their own kimonos, as per their preference. An added advantage of visiting Shino at Meguro is that she conducts her training in English.




【Basic Information】
Name : Shino Fukuyama from Tokyo Kimono Lovers Club
Website : http://samuraigeisha.blogspot.in
eMail : shinokimono@gmail.com


4.Naganuma Shizu Kimono Gakuen

Naganuma Shizu Kimono Gakuen

The Ginza School does not consider the Kimono as a fashion statement, but believes in educating students with the entire culture surrounding the Kimono itself. Along with conducting classes on wearing a kimono, they also help students understand Japanese culture and etiquette which is an equally integral part of wearing the formal Japanese attire. However, they also keep things easy and fun for beginners, and use a combination of lectures and practical training to help students learn about different aspects about designing and wearing the Kimono.   While they have courses that last for 3 months and even 7 months, their short courses are also very popular among tourists and short stay travellers to Tokyo.


Naganuma Shizu Kimono Gakuen 2

【Basic Information】
Name : Naganuma shiza Kimono Gakuen
Address : 3rd Floor, Ginza Chuo Building, 4-3-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number : (+81)3-6450-4736
Website : http://www.naganuma-kimono.co.jp/en/index.html
eMail : yoyaku@naganuma-kimono.co.jp


So, if you ever wanted to learn how to wear the magnificent and elaborate Japanese traditional attire, you can visit any of these places and get the perfect training on the same. Each of these places offer a unique experience, and will not only ensure that you have an extremely enjoyable few hours with your friends, but  will provide you with an interesting glimpse into Japanese culture and tradition. And best of all, you will most likely make some new Japanese friends as well. Also, here is the related articles.

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