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Bag Brands Which Are popular in Japan

There is nothing in the world like the feeling when you buy or receive a new classic handbag. Something about the shape, impeccable feel and the smell of new draws fashion lovers absolutely ecstatic when they receive them in their hands. It’s no secret that in Japanese culture Japanese people treat their handbags with the utmost care and look upon them as investments rather than expensive gifts. Have you ever wondered what the most famous bag brands in Japan are? We would like to showcase some of the most prominent ones and let you decide on the quality and style.



 Porter 2

Starting off with a famous manufacturer of high end of carrying bags encompassing travel and business alike is a well-known Japanese private line Porter. Trough diligent effort and work they have managed to earn their place among the most famous line of handbag manufacturers not only in Japan but receiving recognition across the globe as well. Founded in 1935 by leather wares experts Yoshida & Co Ltd Porter’s handbags simply drip with style. You can find their various products sometimes with another great company like S/Double, Mug Comme des Garcos as they often work together to produce some of the most recognizable carry bags in the world.

Official website:https://www.yoshidakaban.com/

2.Osumashi Pooh Chan

Osumashi Pooh Chan

Although Osumashi Pooh – chan is a smaller company it is not without recognition and we feel it should be included on our list because cats are a quintessential part of Japan. In case you were wondering Osumashi Pooh – Chan is an adorable cat which always gives the appearance of looking satisfied and relaxed. The Idea to imprint this image and make it into a tute bag has its own interesting story and it goes like this: one day a cat was waiting for her owner Ayaka-chan to return from school and thought if it were only possible that she can be with her owner all the time. So now with Osumuashi Pooh chan’s bag this is now possible and don’t let the cute look fool you, their design is made with the utmost quality and care suited for anyone who loves cats!

Official website:http://pooh-chan.com/



 Mansaw 2

When it comes to man’s bags there is no other like Mansaw, and they have a couple of distinguishing features which separates them from the rest. Produced entirely manually they only make about 40 to 60 pieces of overnight bags a year, also it’s important to point out no all of their products contain their brand name although a bit strange, when it comes to quality you can be sure that they always deliver in that department, it is well known that they use luxury oiled leather imported from Italy which makes their handbags age with grace.

Official website: https://www.mansaw.net/

4.Somes Saddle

Somes Saddle

This manufacturer doesn’t only provide high-quality leather bags they stand out because they also produce leather horse equipment. Founded in 1964, in Utashinai by a man named Hokkaido a virtuoso leather maker who first started with making of saddles. Establishing a top name for himself while making saddles for top jockeys worldwide, he received the honor of the post from the Japanese Imperial Household Agency, slowly they started branching out to other products including handbags. They are notorious for using the best leather available across the globe and the results don’t disappoint as well. Somes Saddles bags are highly demanded across the continents.

 5.Tsuchiya – Kaban

Tsuchiya – Kaban


Tsuchiya – Kaban 2


Tsuchiya – Kaban 3


If you were born in Japan trough out your childhood if you happened to have an original Otona Randsel schoolbag you would be considered very lucky! Why? Well the Otona started to make school bags in 1965 and they are considered the absolute best in their line of work, later on they decided to carry their legacy into the adult world by incorporating their unisex bag “Randoseru“, for adults too. Collaborating with Tsuchiya Baggage Factory they came up with its unique design which can be carried on your back as well as used as a hand bag. This elegant minimalistic bag will serve your every need on any business trip or traveling need.

Official website:https://www.tsuchiya-kaban.jp/



 Herz 2

What is interesting about great companies in general s is that even before you buy their product you can almost always get a feeling about their products, some of their charm lays in its presentation and some of it in marketing. When it comes to Herz their dedication towards handbags is simply overwhelming, with their usage of special environmentally friendly leather tanned with a vegetable derived tannins or acknowledging the fact that all of their products are handcrafted and they openly admit that each one will have its own unique details which makes your own very own Herz bag one of a kind.

Official website:https://www.herz-bag.jp/

So coming to a conclusion we would suggest to you to consider any of these bag brands before purchasing and to always keep an eye out for counterfeits which are abundant if you go through unverified dealers that will rob you of the keen ingenuity which makes these bag brands best at what they are: truly exceptional items!